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Bong etymology

The utterance bong originates from the Thai word “baung”. The innovative word destined a cylindrical made of wood tube, pipe or urn cut on or following a bamboo stem. The Thai utterance got transferred into the English verbal communication throughout the Vietnam War, this incidence happened when five American martial bases were situated to Thailand. The soldiers from the US military picked up restricted behavior off the restricted villagers. Some of these habits built-in smoking cannabis in a Thailand intended pipe called the “baung”. Later on the word “baung” was morphed into “bong” and in due coarse brought back to the USA by the troops portion in Thailand. Furthermore one of the primary recorded uses of the recently shaped word “bong” dates reverse to an article in the “Marijuana Review” dated January 1971. In this article an unknown writer says “Many thanks to Scott Bennett, for the good-looking bong he complete for my pipe compilation”

Furthermore it is probable that the populace of Thailand may have captured the word “baung” from the Africans! In present time Kenya, right where Mary Leakey establish her water pipe, lives a quickly moving back tribe called the “Bong’om”. Their verbal communication has the similar name as their tribe name “Bong’om”, in addition if you journey across the continent we find “Bong Country, Liberia”. The place is named following “Mount Bong”. The query this brings frontward is whether the Africans got the word of the people of Thailand or whether it was the conflicting way approximately and untimely Thailand stoners named their respected machine subsequent to the people who shaped it


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