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A water pipe or bong is a machine used for smoking cannabis, in which smoke is bubbled through an assembly room containing water. Water pipes obtain their inheritance from the classical Arabic hookah, which was at first designed for smoking tobacco and additional flavored smoke producing materials. Bongs be different from hookahs in that they are more often than not simpler, with a solitary mouthpiece on the water chamber rather than a hookah's one or additional hoses.

Bubbling the smoke through water serves to cool downstairs the smoke and to ensnare some of the heavier and additional soluble particulate matter, keeping it from toward the surrounded by the smoker's lungs. For this cause, some users maintain that cannabis smoked through a water pipe is safer than numerous additional spare time drugs.

In the past of tobaccos use, Bong was the majority well-liked and much-loved device that used for smoking. The word ‘bong’ was resulting from the Thai word ‘baung’, which means a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo stem. During the Vietnam War, five American martial bases were situated in Thailand. This caused the edition of the Thai word. Later on, the word ‘baung’ was misshapen into ‘bong’ and brought reverse to America by the troops. However, the bong was not make-believe in Thailand, even not in Asia. It was in point of fact make-believe in Africa.
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