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Coke bottle bong

This is a straightforward design, but the majority well-organized bong I've establish. Take a 1-litre artificial bottle and put two holes in it, one about middle down the bottle and the additional on the conflicting side about an inch up from the bottom. Take a pipe & bowl (toilet tube is just right, once again) and place in it in the inferior hole. Hold the pipe up at about a 60 degree angle so that the underneath of the pipe is approximately at the underneath of the bottle and the bowl is sticking up as much as probable, and seal/glue it in place (I use hot glue for this one and modify the bottle about every month, scraping out the old one for resin, keeping the toilet tube). Fill the bottle up with irrigate to about middle between the two holes. You hold the urn as the crow flies up so that the bowl is pointing up and absent from you. The whole halfway up on the back is your crab, and suck from the spokesperson of the bottle. You can also make it out of slighter bottles for more portability, or link two or additional bottles jointly, or use better bottles for a superior chamber... trial.





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