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Acrylic Colored Bong

Amazing edifice and exact design. This bong is known for it's triple chamber wich cools down the smoke and mixes it completely with spotless air left inside, so the hit comes out meeting adequately and effortlessly.

So what is so immense about acrylic bongs ? What i actually like about them is that you can acquire some triply ass color jobs on the bongs. following a pleasant extended session it's fun to just gaze at the wacked out color designs on some of these acrylic bongs. What I also like about the acrylic is that they are not as fragile as the glass bongs. Usually the most horrible that can come about if you go down an acrylic bong is that you drop the bong water. I have by no means had an acrylic bong fracture on me, which fucking kicks ass. I certainly give the acrylic bongs a full-size two thumbs up, they are disobediently a consistent friend. One preceding thing that is cool with these bongs is that you can procure ones with moulded grips. every so often after a elongated session I have mess holding the bong up, but with these acrylic bongs with grips, it makes it so much easier.


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