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Differences and clarifications

* Gravity bong and cascade bong can pass on to bongs where threes a run of smoke induced by a modify in air force which is caused by the lowering of the stage of the exterior of the water held within the mechanism.

* Seriousness bong can also refer to a bucket bong still though the water height does not change, somewhat, if a user so chooses they can go down the bottle (and let importance take over) to strength the smoke into their lungs at an earlier pace.

* When the airflow is caused not by the flux of the water height but by the mouthful of air of the smoker’s lungs, the machine is referred to as a hookah, bong, bubbler, or more normally waterpipe.

* A waterfall or bucket bong, different an ordinary bong does not of necessity filters the smoke through the water or cools it considerably (although they can be constructed to do so). It is just a machine whose main design characteristic is a great chamber in which the flow of smoke can be strong, making it easier to inhale a great amount of smoke fairly rapidly.

* The incorrectly named apple bong is not a bong at all as it does not use a water chamber; rather, it is an off the cuff device used in lieu of additional proper smoking utensils.Also known as a rat tail.





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