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G-Spot Hanger Ice Bong

G-Spot Hanger Ice Bong skin: 5mm nervousness Free Glass and a produce functional with authentic Gold. This water glass bong is an enormous rival to bongs twice its price, and smokes as well, if not better, than any supplementary comparable tube bongs on the market. Further attractive the excellence of this 5.0 mm bong is the ice notches, allowing you to fill the chamber with ice to cool your smoke down to most positive smoothness.

G-Spot Bongs are a complete top excellence product, intended for your maximum smoking enjoyment. They are complete with the premium borosilicate glass, under the uppermost excellence standards, and every bong is experienced for minimum glass breadth before they even go away the workshop. They are all oven-tempered to make every one a physically powerful and tension-free bong, and their dexterity and design equivalent or improved any of the additional luxurious bong manufacturers out there.


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