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Ganja Water Bong

The attractiveness of this gold water pipe, its delicate carvings and sophisticated exterior transport to intelligence movies of the central point eastern landscapes. The bowl is enclosed with a pleasant cap emotionally involved to the bong by a golden sequence. Streak is extensive and in a straight line as long as smooth cool hits.

West indian method of saying weed. White people now know about it and think it income Jamaican wild flower. They also think Jamaican's complete this up. Ganja is a hindi word, brought to the west indies by indentured servants from India all along with the weed it describes.

This bong looks actually extremely. The most excellent thing about it is that you can take it separately and spotless with effortlessness grounds the slider goes off:-)) Which also means you can modify a slider for an additional one and obtain totally dissimilar bubbler. How cool is that:-.)))
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