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Glass bong hand model

Helpful glass bong complete out of see-through high excellence glass. Wide ray and completely surrounding base make it contented and easy to use. Don't underrate it's power - it can create enormous hits.

hen you walk into a headshop, hand blown glass bongs are more often than not the nearly everyone luxurious items there. This isn’t just since they’re time overwhelming to make – they are extensively recognized to provide the smoothest bong hits.

At simple Bongs, hand blown glass bongs are actually contemptible. They standard approximately $25-$100 every, and typically ship in around 10 days. My preferred is this Molino Pyrex bong for around $120. Pyrex is a kind of manufacturing glass that is sturdier and additional heat-resistant than standard blown glass.

Hand blown glass bongs are immense smokers, but they’re easily broken! Keep in mind to forever be cautious when treatment and onslaught it. To keep away from breaking your hand blown glass bong:

1. Keep your bong stored above elbow height to keep away from it being knocked off.

2. When onslaught your hand blown glass bongs, construct convinced the water is merely opportunity hotness and avoid knocking any ingredient next to the surface of the sink.

That’s it – Happy Smoking!

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