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How to Smoke a Bong

1) Fill the bong with water to a rank below the shotty whole group the cone with the herb.

2) Place your mouth in excess of the major breach on the bong at the pinnacle. Place your finger over the shotty hole. Put the flame to the cone piece and begin to suck. Be careful not to take in too much. Move the flame to the unburnt plant material. If you take in too much you will most almost certainly cough quite a bit and get extremely stoned all of a sudden.

3) When you feel you have almost had enough, it is time to apparent the chamber. Remove your touch from the shotty hole and take the lighter away from the cone piece. The smoke missing over in the bong is then sucked up into your lungs and the chamber is clear.

4) Take as many tokes as necessary, repeating the practice. Sit back and enjoy the awareness.






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