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Kong Bong

Take a 20 litre artificial water cooler jug. Drill four 3/8" holes approximately to the top, put in four 3/8" hoses a pair feet long and fasten them. These are your mouthpieces. Then find a bowl. For the bowl on excavation, I employ one of those great glimmer plug sockets. Drill a hole in the cover of the urn and place in the bowl. fasten it with silicone or something similarly heat-resistant. Then, on the bottom of the cap, afix a rubber hose in excess of the bottom of the bowl and fasten it in place. This is your major bowl w/hose. Now drill a 1" hole in the surface of the bottle correct at the bottom, and put in some type of plug or pipe with a detachable water-tight cap. Fill the bong half-full of water and put the cover on the top. You at the present have a bong with a 10 litre hall and a bowl that can hold as much as an eighth of an small amount of ganja that four people can suck on at once. A propane torch or alike heavy-duty blaze is not compulsory for illumination the bowl, as the bowl is too large for a lighter flame. Once we're all satisfactorily cooked, I typically re-stuff the bowl and hold a flame to it while I unseal the hole close to the bottom and plug the toke hoses. This drains all the water out, and as it drains, it serves as a cascade as well, fully filling up the 20-litre bottle (with the pipe & hose, the waterfall smoke is bubbled through the tough water) with smoke. Any hoses that aren't being used to toke should be plugged (as well, cover the end with your thumb while exhaling or latent) or there won't be any suction. Or unplug a couple hoses and they'll dish up as a carb to exhaust the chamber. The eventual social gathering bong.





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