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Large Glass Ice Bong

The smoke is refrigerated down slowly, in a small number of stages. First it actions with air bubbles thru the icy water, then its squeezed thru a thigh point between the chambers, and in conclusion it flows thru the massive beam, where it cools down for good. This glass ice bong is one or the nearly everyone well-organized in its kind.


Large multicolored ice pyrex glass water bong.
Amazing hand completed bong with astounding colors combinations.
This glass bong has an extraordinary double bubble-base, which gives supplementary room for cooling to give a smoother smoking understanding
Smoking with glass instruments is to be well thought-out the majority pleasuring.
This bong can contain up to 5 ice cubes that keeps the smoke cool and simple to breathe in.
Comes with a carb hole.
Colors: obtainable in Blue
Size: Large
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