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Magic Glass Fatman

High superiority fabric water bong from Magic Glass. All the way from the base, thru wide and elongated shaft, the smoke cools down as long as the smoker with a pleasant and smooth hit.

"Size matters", a lot of bong lovers say. MagicGiants is our Collection for all hardcore bonghitters, who in truth know to be pleased about the amount and the volume. Extra graceful with the innovative straight Magic Logo.

Height: approx. 45cm
Wall thickness: approx. 4,2mm
Tube-Diameter: approx. 65mm
Cross Section: 18,8


After the frequent use of a bong it gets discolored - traces of lime from the water and tobacco put down on the glass' exterior. Some people may think that they have to clean their bong in solid work - but with the SCHMAND-WEG! bong cleaner you can clean your bong without by means of a brush in no time! Think about it
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