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Magic Mushroom Ceramic Bong

A better description of the unexplained Mushroom little Ceramic Bong. Comes in diverse colors.\

A water pipe satisfactorily wrought as a collection of mushrooms. The pipe is concealed under the mushroom hats, so in general it looks like a ornamental statue without illuminating its real reason. Made of solid porcelain. Height: appr. 24 cm / 9.5 inches.

The Magic Mushroom Bong doubles as a beautiful ledge decoration. The great cap is not fixed, illuminating the representative and the down pipe can also be masked with a slighter cap.

The supernatural grow rapidly bong is obtainable in minute (with blue mushrooms) and huge (with red mushrooms), and skin tone a great mouthpiece under the full-size mushroom and a downpipe under the slighter mushroom.

The go down in cone makes it trouble-free to freight and bare your chosen herbs, but it’s not compulsory that you use pipe screens to bring to end bits of herb going into your mouth. Made from brawny and hard-wearing ceramic, the unexplained mushroom bong will give many existence of smoking enjoyment.

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