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Molino Pyrex Glass Bong

Well intended Molino product, its scope make it moveable and contented to hold when in use. Thick, hard-wearing glass protects the whole piece from semi-light perfunctory injure.

Molino Glass have built a standing for creating some of the premium, most excellent looking and the majority hard-wearing glass smoking pipes and goblet water pipes you can find. See, the difficulty with glass bongs - immense as they look - is that they fracture with no trouble. Stoners are not well known for our cat-like nimbleness and natural grace. We drop shit all the time.

Molino glass bongs go an extensive method to assist you out with this. They don't chip or fracture from putting the weed bowl in and taking it out, they're a lot easier to clean, harder to chip and scrape, blah blah. Of route, what we've described sounds like the Volvo of bongs - but the reality is, smoking a Molino glass bong is about the neighboring you'll get to heavy a Rolls-Royce, session on your sofa.

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