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Plastic bongs come in a variety of sizes and prices. The budget artificial bongs start at extremely low down prices, but they still have that immense hit factor.

A bong, also known as a hookah or a water pipe, is one of the majority ordinary belongings used mostly for smoking tobacco and additional lawful herbs. The major reason of a bong is to construct the smoke cooler previous to it enters the lungs of the smoker. In adding up, it allows the smoke to mount up so that the smoker will be able to breathe in it earlier. At in attendance, quite a few variations of bongs are obtainable on the marketplace and there are dissimilar materials that can be used to make a bong – like glass and plastic.


A glass bong is the preferred bong of many smokers since they can see the smoke inside, which they call the ‘milk’. In adding, glass has the superiority of conducting hotness, which allows the water to hang about cool for a longer epoch of occasion. However, glass bongs have some disadvantages. Primary, glass bongs typically weigh additional than additional bongs, which makes them hard to convey or budge from one place to one more. An additional is that they can be broken with no trouble; that is why they are immediately placed in a room.

The artificial bong is the alternative of smokers who are for all time on the go. It is additional transportable and the bong user does not have to be anxious about contravention it. In addition, artificial bongs are easier to create and get by. The unenthusiastic surface of it, though, is that it is additional horizontal to emitting fumes, burning, and melting which can consequence in asthma or additional respiratory harms

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