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Roor bongs

Each Roor Bong is independently only one of its kinds and extremely wonderfully made. These state of the painting glass bongs are for the additional eloquent of the smoking culture, ornamental smoking aesthetics to a new-fangled degree by using systematically proven, most favorable volume to water ratios giving the consumer a remote smoother smoke. is dedicated to being the prime minister reserve for any Roor Bong. If you have reached this page then you have almost certainly heard that a Roor Bong is the piece of alternative in the middle of solemn smokers, and glass collector’s alike.

Roor originated in Germany in the 1980’s and is extensively recognized in the civilization for their pinnacle superiority, handcrafted glass on glass water pipes. When you are in the market for a Roor, you have two main purchasing options. You can moreover introduce a Roor from Germany, or you can make an assortment from Roor’s US anthology through a company with a glass blowing company in Southern California called Dementia. They are extremely alike in building, both using tall excellence thick glass to make sure a extended permanent life for your preferred novel piece.
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