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Sandblasted Glass Ice Bong

Beautiful looking water bong, the shaft is bedecked with the figure of a cannabis sheet. The bottom of the bottom is long-drawn-out to a extensive stand.

Ice bongs are additional enjoyable to smoke out of than a normal pipe since the smoke is refrigerated through the ice and water and filtered. Our glass ice bong assortment offers a assortment of designs. We have normal and sandblasted glass. An complete treat! Browse through our catalogue to find out more!

This Borosilicate Glass Bong has a sandblasted swirling design surrounding the complete round-foot bottom and combined and zigzag all the way up approximately the reclining cylinder.



The sandblasted design makes this bong stand out from nearly everyone others and the hard-bitten glass is always an extremely regarded characteristic in a bong.

Borosilicate glass is tougher and additional heat-resistant than commonplace glass. The procedure of its produce involves the addition of the chemical element Boron which reduces the material stresses caused by hotness gradients, thus making it make a smaller amount likely to break.

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