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Small bongs

The innovative runaway success, our handy journey size glass bong. Huge color varying properties with a carb finger hole at the base of the stem. Complete from elevated superiority hand-blown color altering glass. This bong has a detachable slide.

Little sized bong with funny ornamental hose. Obtainable in green, pink, orange, yellow and blue.

Acrylic bongs look actually cool. Besides, they are hard-wearing and permanent and incredibly simple to spotless. In this subcategory you find bongs lesser than 25 cm. A wide variety of acrylic bongs should not be absent in your supermarket.

This little indigenous bong from G-Spot's G-Glass range skin tone genuine Aboriginal art designs! Decorating the passionate ray are a supernatural turtle person and a man with a bow.

G-Spot Bongs are complete with the premium borosilicate glass, under the uppermost superiority standards. Every bong is experienced for smallest amount glass thickness previous to they even leave the seminar, and they are all oven-tempered to make every one a physically influential and tension-free bong.

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