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A typical bong is made of few components

1. A spokesperson, where the user’s mouth is located over, sealing absent air through that gap. Thus the bong is hermetically preserved (providing there is also a sealed close around the stem. If a crab is there, it must also be covered). When sealed it has but one little basis of air, which comes into result when the user inhales through the lips piece. If all the smoke isnt detached from the bong in a solitary hit, the user can place their mouth once more over the bong to again breathe in, or hover their mouth intimately over the bong to gradually inhale the smoke.

2. A chamber, where smoke collects. When sufficient smoke has accumulated it is in conclusion inhaled. This is accelerated by using a crab or by removing the bowl, which allows air to go into the chamber when mouthful of air takes place. The tallness and thickness of the chamber can differ, this changes the volume.
3. A base, which holds the water, is typically wider than the chamber so it can stand-alone with no tipping (see the consequences of a spillage.) The bottom of the stem sits in the water, on an angle. The breach at the bottom of the stem must be undersea to bubble the water. The water hotness will influence the hotness of the smoke inhaled (e.g. a bong with water and compressed ice as a strain will allow the user to breathe in cooler smoke, as long as a less harsh experience). Some bongs also have a detachable, rainproof base, for straightforward altering of the bong water.

4. A stem (a.k.a. feminine piece), sits in the base and pokes out of the assembly room at a quantity superior than the water level. It holds the cone piece/bowl and enables smoke to bypass through the water when in use. The stem collects resin in excess of time which can clog up the stem, and decrease the air run through the water.

5. A bowl (sometimes called a cone piece or a male piece), is typically a detachable cup or cone wrought urn, where the cannabis is packed and ignited. In rare occasions the bowl is not detachable. Made of metal, glass, or earthenware, a bowl can be connected to the stem, or can immediately sit in the stem. The bowl forms a close approximately the stem so that the only cove of air is through the bowl. Over time overcooked remains will gather on parts of the bowl.


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