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Glass Water Bong

See-through glass with no knick-knacks or beautification, this piece is a book instance of a classic glass water bong. Contentedly angled beam ends with a smooth spokesperson and just look at that bowl! Is that bowl full-size enough for you? I thought so :) Comes in a box.

Water bongs exercise water filtration progression in regulate to make smoke cooler and supplementary appetizing and to consent to the dose of cannabinoids to be inhaled supplementary severely and swiftly. This makes amalgamation additional well-organized and so lesser amount of cannabis is necessary. Water filtered smoke also protects alveolar macrophages, a significant constituent in the lungs resistant scheme, and their ability to brawl bacteria.

All water bongs and pipes displayed, advertised or sold within this website are particularly future for decorative purposes, or for use with lawful smoking foodstuffs or additional legalized purposes.

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